How To Get “Raving Fans” For Life

Raving Fans Are Something We All Want . . . But What Are They and How Do We Get Raving Fans For Life?

How do you get raving fans and what does it really mean when an online leader teaches you that you must have “raving fans?”

What is a raving fan and how do we find them?

Where do they come from?

Do they actually exist?

First I think we need to really determine what a raving fan actually is.

The word “fan” is a derivative of the word “fanatical”.

Oh, so now we’re getting somewhere.

And what is the meaning of fanatical?

According to the word fanatical means:

“motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.”

The British Dictionary describes fanatical as follows:

“surpassing what is normal or accepted in enthusiasm for or belief in something; excessively or unusually dedicated or devoted”
So the question is–what makes someone become fanatical about your product or service?
The fact that you delivered what you promised is no longer enough.  That’s what is expected from today’s consumer.
It’s that “above and beyond”, “the totally unexpected”, the “get more than what you paid for” delivery that turns your customers/followers/fans in to raving fans or fanaticals.
Ok so now that you now what a raving fan is and now that you know what it takes to create them, how do you you crank it up and deliver what your leads and customers really want?
You put yourself in the customer’s position.
If you promised to train them how to build a website then amp it up a bit and throw in how to add an autoresponder to their site as well.
Give them whatever they didn’t expect to receive but that will provide tremendous value in their journey for achieving their goals.
If you sell a dog training course that promises to teach you how to train your dog not to jump on people, create a bonus that also shows how to train your dog to stay in one spot when company walks through the door.
You get the idea.
When someone gets more than they expect then they become your raving fan.

Betsy Modgliln

Betsy Modglin is an online marketer who teaches others how to create an online income and live the online lifestyle. She works with multi-million dollar clients and has had several clients pay her in excess of $50,000 and one client has paid her over $160,000. She owns a vacation home rental on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi named Le Shabby Chateau and an Aussie Doodle named Blossom. She is unusually pleased with junk and loves shabby-chic decor.

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