Fancy Meeting You Here . . .

I’m glad to see you here because I’m almost certain that you and I are not so very different from one another. We both are creating a lifestyle where we can work whenever wherever.

And, I also bet, that like me, you’ve struggled getting your name and product or service in to the marketplace. Am I right?

Well, don’t worry. I struggled too until I learned some simple concepts and systems that made my marketing take off and create more leads and more sales. And believe me, I’m all about super simple.

I create training that will brand you as an expert, get you more traffic, develop more leads, and result in more sales, creating a lifestyle that allows you to work whenever wherever.

In short, I absolutely love what I do and I love the life I’ve created. So will you!  I also love shabby chic decor, am ridiculously pleased with junk and junk stores, and have a sidekick who let's me know when I'm spending too much time at my computer . . . Meet Blossom, my Aussie Doodle.  You’ll see a photo or two of her here on the site and sometimes she jumps right in to my videos as well :)

Some Stuff About Me . . .

Self-Taught Using Online Training

Ridiculously Pleased With Junk

Made Over $180,000 From One Client

Made $100's of Thousands At My Mom's

Built My First List Using Only Facebook

I learned everything I know about online marketing by doing exactly what you're doing now - reading great blogs, watching incredible training videos, and being mentored by a leader.

I am a junker in my spare time and love decorating with shabby-chic and re-purposed decor.  I own a vacation home rental on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi named Le Shabby Chateau.

I've made well over $180,000 from one single client and have had numerous clients pay me over $50,000 in consulting fees.  And, I did all of this without creating any contracts of my own.

One of my most successful years ever, I created most of my content out of a tiny bedroom while staying at my Mom's house.  Since my mother has began aging, I stay there often to help her.

When I started online back in early 2009, I built my first list using my Facebook profile.  Now things have changed a bit since then, but the techniques I used then still apply today.

Enough About Me!  How About You?

Are You Right For the Online Marketing World?

Success Can Be Yours But Only If . . .

You really want it and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

I'm fairly certain that you are not so very different from me . . . If you were, you wouldn't be here right now.  You CAN establish a business that allows you to work whenever wherever.

But it isn't always going to be easy. 

It's going to take real focus and sometimes a lot of work.

And it's going to take self-motivation and an eagerness to learn.

Are you ready?  I thought so!  Let's get started!

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