5 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Get You Noticed

These 5 Content Marketing Ideas Will Definitely Get You Noticed and Keep Your Readers Coming Back For More

Many people get confused when it comes to content marketing vs. branding.  Yes, content marketing will brand you but the idea is to take your eyes off of yourself and put them directly on the reader.  What would you want to read if you were the guest on your blog, facebook page or any other content marketing site you own?

Here’s 5 ideas that will automatically brand you even though you’re primary goal is to deliver great content:

1.  Be Different From Every One Else

When I first began in the online marketing space, I started working with small business clients to create revenue to grow my online business.  There were literally hundreds of online marketers who were offering training course on how to work with offline clients.

All of these courses indicated that any marketer working with offline business absolutely had to complete a legal contract to make certain that you didn’t do work for that client that wouldn’t be paid for as you had agreed.

My experiences with attorneys and contracts (and I’d had a lot of them coming from corporate America) were that it simply slowed everything down and put a lot of money in the hands of the attorneys.  So  decided to do something totally and completely different.

I told all my clients there wouldn’t be a contract.  I would do the work we agreed upon and if, at any time, they didn’t like my work, we could part ways.

It was amazing!

It was as if suddenly the guard went down and the small business owner liked me.  They trusted me …almost instantaneously.

I did something totally out of the norm and it worked like a charm.

Now this can also work in a number of other ways.

For instance, let’s say everyone in your niche is using beautiful photographs on their blog posts.  Then you may want to use cartoon characters and drawings.

Or let’s say that everyone in your niche is talking about how positive thinking will make you rich.  Then you may want to say positive thinking doesn’t work to make you rich and tell them why they shouldn’t pay attention to all that bunk.

In essence, keep in mind that most people have already tried what everyone says works and for most people, it didn’t work.

So if you can get them to try something different and out-of-the-ordinary, you can not only see success many times with your followers, but you can brand yourself very quickly.

2.  Create an Epic Blog Post

Now there are blog posts and there are EPIC blog posts and as we would say here in the South,
“Those two ain’t nothin’ alike!”

So what exactly is an epic blog post and why should you write one?

Epic blog posts are extraordinary, detailed, often times long, and chocked full of good stuff.

Epic blog posts have so much valuable information in them that anyone who reads the post wants to download it resulting in lots of new subscribers to your list.

To create an epic blog post, you may have to spend a day or two doing nothing but research.  You want to be certain that you didn’t leave out one little tidbit of information that your reader might want to know about and want to download.

So what subjects might you write an epic blog post about?

If you have a recipe’s blog you might want to write a blog post titled “35 Incredible Dinners That Take Less Than 20 Minutes to Prepare.”

If you have a blog about chickens your epic blog post might be titled “52 Must-Have Resources for Any One Who Wants To Raise Chickens”.

If you are promoting a business opportunity and want people to join you, your blog post could offer all the reasons why joining you in this business is going to make a difference in the lives of those who come on board.  The title of your blog post could be “21 Reasons To Change Your Life Today.”

So you get the idea, right?

Creating an epic blog post takes time and effort, but many times it can live on for a long, long time and drive traffic to your offer or blog again and again and again.

So work hard for a couple of days and then let that work continue to deliver for you.  That’s the beauty of online marketing and epic blog posts.


3.  Create an Incredible Video Featuring One of Your Clients, Students, or Referrals

If you are creating content daily online and have begun to have a following, then it’s not long before people say to themselves, “Yeah, but I’m not you.  You already have thousands of followers so, of course, it works for you.  But what about me?  I’m starting from ground zero.”

So how do we overcome this objection?


Feature someone who is/was just like them.  If you teach a course about how to succeed online and have a few students who have taken your training and created success for themselves, then create a video where you interview this student and let them tell their story.

Keep it real.  Don’t try to get the successful student to sound canned or rehearsed.  Just let them answer honestly.

If you are a leader in a business opportunity, instead of focusing on yourself and your numbers all the time, feature one of your referrals in a blog post or a video.  Again, let the referral tell their story and let them come from the space of “I couldn’t do this at all until you showed me the way.”

In essence, even though the student is talking about their success, it is you who steered them in the right direction and provided them with the knowledge and skills to be able to achieve that success.

When you make one of your students or clients or referrals a hero, you are actually making a hero of yourself as well.  And in the process, being extremely relatable to any one who is thinking about joining your program or buying your course.

4.  Share A Short, Simple Tip Every Day for 30 Days

If you want to catch the attention of your potential buyers then simply start providing them with free, valuable information every single day for 30 days.

This can be done on your blog, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat.

So what kind of information should you put in in your daily tips?

Your tip can be anything that helps them succeed.

If your niche is how to train your dog, then each day talk about one single tip that will help you become a more effective dog trainer.

If you are a member of a business opportunity that sells health products, then every single day provide your readers a tip that tells them what one of the products can do for their health or the health of the people they love.

Your tips can be shared as a text post, an image, an infographic, a podcast, or a video.

You may even want to mix it up or you may want to choose one method of delivery and deliver every single tip that way for the next 30 days.

Try to deliver you tip at the same time each day as well.  Soon you will have followers chomping at the bits waiting for your next great tip to arrive.

It is also important that you hype up the fact that these great tips are going to be coming for 30 days and that your readers/followers will want to watch out for these.

Most important of all, is that your tips provide value.  The tips must contain information that your followers can utilize in order to become more successful at whatever they are trying to achieve.

5.  Answer Questions at a Specified Date and Time Weekly

There are literally hundreds of people out there who get lost when trying to do what you are doing.  And often times there is no where for them to turn.

Many times leaders sell a course or sign up a referral and simply disappear leaving the person to try to figure it out on their own.  In turn, frustration rises and the person gives up right away.

By answering questions for prospective buyers/referrals, you set yourself apart as being “different”.  People begin to know, like and trust you.  This results in people following you, joining you, and buying from you.

You can set up your question and answer session on a webinar each week.  Or if you are uncomfortable with webinars or simply don’t have the budget, you could ask your readers to submit questions to a specific email and you could choose 3 or 4 each week and answer them via video.  The video could simply be posted at a specific place weekly.

You could also answer the questions via a podcast each week so listeners could listen at their leisure.

The key here is that if one follower took the time to ask you the question, there are probably hundreds of other followers who have the exact same question but will never ask.

Answering questions is a fantastic way to bond with your followers and to create potential customers.





Betsy Modgliln

Betsy Modglin is an online marketer who teaches others how to create an online income and live the online lifestyle. She works with multi-million dollar clients and has had several clients pay her in excess of $50,000 and one client has paid her over $160,000. She owns a vacation home rental on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi named Le Shabby Chateau and an Aussie Doodle named Blossom. She is unusually pleased with junk and loves shabby-chic decor.

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